Welcome to Cornerstone Counseling CenterDR Phil


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Welcome to Cornerstone Counseling Center

We are on ZOOM and have several locations in Los Angeles and Ventura County to serve our communities!  Coming soon to Santa Barbara!


We are an established counseling center that was establised in 1997! 

We have been approved as a provider for 25 yearsExperience counts!

Services include:

For a complete list of our services and locations click here for the Cornerstone Class and Service Schedule. 


Board of Behavioral Health, Law & Ethics Certification, Sacramento, CA (2006 - 2022)

40-Hour Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse/Crisis Intervention Counseling Training Program, August (2001)

Understanding the Traumatized Child-Assessment and Interventions, CEUS CA (2020)

Supervised Visitation Facilitator Training and Practicum, Compliance Certification, California Court Section 26.2, Camarillo, CA (2003) 

Child Abduction Intervention and Resource Training, Fresno, CA (2009)

POST’s P.C. 832 Arrest Methods Skills Certification, Ventura College, Ventura CA. (1997)  

Substance Abuse Educational Training, Drug Abuse (2010)

Cultural Diversity Training (2005 thru 2022)

Child Abuse and Mandated Reporting Laws (2005 thru 2022)

EAP and Crisis Intervention for CIGNA Health Care (2005 thru 2022)

CEUs on Cultural Sensitivity (2006-21)

Immigration Psychological Evaluation Certificate, Santa Barbara, CA (2016)

Elder Abuse and Mandated Reporting Laws - 30 Hour Conference (2012)

We are approved and recognized by Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) in  Los Angleles and Ventura Children and Family Services(CFS)CIGNA Insurance, and the NFL Players Association to name a few.  Staff have been recognized as experts since 1990 and have been guests on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Dr. Phil Show

TELETHERAPY and ZOOM Options Available

These are confidential and secure.

Note: We have many contracts with local agencies so your fees may be covered by those agencies - check with your social worker for more information.  Clinical Director is Scott Barrella, MS LMFT.

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Mandated Reporters of Abuse: Protect Children and Dependent Adults and Elders From Abuse - See link to Reporting Rules.

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