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Parenting Classes - Court LA and Ventura County Approved:

Minimum of only 6 Meetings.  Covers Emotionally Intelligent  Parenting tools to help manage challenges and accelerate you child’s emotional and behavioral development.  It contains lessons on how to deliver Natural and Logical Consequences, build self-esteem and correctly apply key parenting principles to enhance confidence.Since our children do not come with a manual we need to share and explore ways to raise childrend and give your child an ability to master their own world and gain a sense of self-worth, which is so critical to life's success. A child's self-esteem refers to the way in which they perceive themselves and their abilities for achievement.

The foundation of a person's self-esteem comes from being unconditionally loved and respected for being who the child is. At the toddler age, self-esteem is largely developed from the parents' acceptance. Say "I love you" as often as possible, hug your child, praise accomplishments great and small, and keep criticism and comparisons to other children to a bare minimum. Let your child know the child is loved, even when certain behaviors aren't. Don't use phrases like "bad boy" or "naughty girl." Instead focus on what was done: "Hitting the dog hurts her." Respect your child's developmental level by creating appropriate limits and expectations, offering appropriate choices and stepping aside to let your child "do it myself." Nourish their flourishing sense of self with lessons in empathy and social graces. Self-esteem is built over a lifetime; but parents must provide the foundation now. We are COURT APPROVED in multiple counties in CALIFORNIA and do offer individual class options.  To get a certificate you must complete 12 lessons.  Click here for the Intake Form.

Please DO NOT BE FOOLED by websites stating you can do your classes online - THOSE WILL NEVER COUNT IN COURT!  We are court approved and you can do classes in our various locations.

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NOTE:  Counselors are Mandated Reporters of Abuse: Protect Children and Dependent Adults and Elders From Abuse - See link to Reporting Rules.

Contact Cornerstone for more information 805-390-6384.  Click this link for more information about Parenting Class times and registration.  As seen on the following shows!!

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