Supervised Visitations

Supervised/Monitored Visitiations:

We are OFFICIALLY recognized as meeting all standards and requirements by the Ventura Family Law MediatorsSee the LINK.

Click here for the INTAKE FORMS.

Supervised visitation/Monitored Visits INSIDE OUR OFFICE in Simi Valley or in our 3 nearby parks.  We are certified by TRUSTLINE a National Network who does TSA and High Level Security background checks.  Probation Approved Provider in Los Angeles and Ventura County.  Scott Barrella and Cornerstone HAVE met all the training and experience requirements for the 5.20 and FL Code 3200 requirements in California.   Ventura Family Law is AHEAD of the State in requiring trainings and standards.  See the link to the official list.

Click here for the Authorization form on file with the Courts:  FL-324P form  for your records. 

Unlike other providers we are licensed professionals, have a office setting, have a Safety Check plan, check for soberity, and are trained by law enforcement.  If you would like further information call 805-390-6384.  

Some Court lists are not updated correctly - do your research and call us for information.

Unlike other supervisors, we HAVE training in dealing with CRIMINAL behavior and HIGH CONFLICT cases.  We are PROBATION Approved in LA and Ventura County to offer services.  Click here for the INTAKE FORMS.

NOTE:  Counselors are Mandated Reporters of Abuse: Protect Children and Dependent Adults and Elders From Abuse - See link to Reporting Rules.



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